Title and description optimization

This free SEO tool will help you optimize title tags and tweak meta description tags. Optimizing title tag and description tag is crutial if you want to rank better for your keywords, because the title and description tag is what shows up in the SERP.

So go ahead and start your title tag optimization as well as meta description optimization by using the forms below.

Where and what do you want to rank for?

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Optimize title tag and meta description
Title tag optimization
Meta description optimization

Just do it!

How the SEO tool helps you optimize your website

The SEO title and description tool works like stated below. To close this information and go back to your previous task, just click the question icon at the left.

  1. Enter target phrase and set country
  2. Title tag optimization
  3. Meta Description optimization

Enter target phrase and set country

First enter your target search phrase or keyword, select the country you want to rank in for that search and press the Feeetch! button.

Live results from Google API

This will bring up live results directly from Google's index. In addition the results for your query is analyzed so important keywords and phrases which are relevant to your phrase in that country shows up in the left column.

SEO tip, relevant keyword and search phrases

If you click on any of those relevant keywords a new window will open and take you too Google's Wonder wheel for that search phrase or keyword.

Wonder wheel SEO tool

Furthermore, below each result you will find some buttons. Some perform actions here and others are links to external services which will give you insights for the ranking domains. If you click on any of the icons below each result, a new window with information from third party sites is loaded. Hold your mouse over each of the icons to see a tooltip explaining the action of the button.

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Title tag optimization

After you've fetched the live results from Google's index you are ready to write your optimized title tag.

Search engine optimize your title tag

The first time you click on the title tag field a new box showing you a live example of how your page will look in Google will show above the field.

The recommended SEO keywords and search phrases should be used to optimize your title tag (don't be spammy, but make the title tag useful and relevant), and when you have used any of those keywords in the title tag you will see that the links go red.

SEO Keywords to put in your optimized title tag

Also worth mentioning is the title tag length field. This field shows how many characters you can use in your title tag. Even though some title tags showing up in Google are longer than the maximum here other search engines are not allowing that many characters. Keep your title tag below the maximum to be sure the whole title tag will show up in the SERP.

Meta Description optimization

The meta description tag field works just like the title. However if you use any of the recommended keywords or search phrases to optimize your meta description tag the links will get a yellow background.

SEO keywords to put in your optimized meta description
  1. Enter target phrase and set country
  2. Title tag optimization
  3. Meta Description optimization