Health Insurance: Compare and Obtain Affordable Health Insurance

Health Insurance: Compare and Obtain Affordable Health Insurance

You can purchase coverage for everyone in your household. Progressive Health by eHealth offers medical, vision and dental Medicare Supplement plans. As a trusted provider, eHealth will give you health coverage at a reasonable price. Medicare Supplement plans is vital to you. peace of mind. With medical coverage, you can rest easy knowing that you can afford to receive treatment whenever you need it.

When you choose to purchase a plan through eHealth, the cost will be no different from if you purchase it from one of our providers. This free service can suggest plans that suit your needs and budget. Whether you need a coverage plan during the yearly open enrollment period or a qualifying life event, eHealth will recommend the most suitable plan. It can also assist you in applying for the Affordable Care Act tax credit. You can ask eHealth about what the Affordable Care Act is. It will also help explain how you can apply for a government subsidy or the health coverage you may need. eHealth will also give you answers about how to compare plan benefits and costs.

Health Medicare Supplement Plans for Individuals and Family

Individual Health Plan

It can help you pay for the overall health care cost when you meet an injury or suffer an illness. Having medical coverage will help you pay for a variety of health care services, like routine doctor’s appointments, emergencies, and prescription medicines, among others. It comes with a monthly premium, copayment or a deductible.

Family Health Coverage

Just like an individual health plan, the family health plan will help you pay for your healthcare costs. The only difference is that a family health plan includes your spouse and eligible children through the same plan.

Short-term health coverage

This temporary coverage can last from three months to three years, depending on the plan you choose. Generally, it gives you coverage for a certain period. Compared to most major plans, temporary health coverage is 80% cheaper. However, it includes limited benefits. For instance, a short term plan will not cover a pre-existing condition. It also does not cover maternity leave.

Vision Health Plan

You can get coverage as low as $6.99 a month and you can purchase it from eHealth. Most health plans do not cover eye care. Thus, if you include vision Medicare Supplement plansin your plan, it can also help in reducing overall out-of-pocket expenses for your routine exams. It can also cover you for eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Dental Medicare Supplement plans

The dental health plan on eHealth can start at $8.85 a month. It is an affordable dental plan that can help cover your basic care and preventive care, like cleanings and dental fillings.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Plan

eHealth can help you apply for a government health Medicare Supplement plansplan. Keep in mind that it is not easy to apply for it. But eHealth will assist you at no extra charge. It can guarantee that your application will be submitted on time.

Health Savings Account Health Plans

HSA plan is less expensive than other major health plans. It lets you gain interest with no tax on your health savings account. You are also allowed to deduct your contribution from your taxable income.

Medigap and supplemental health plan

Medicare health Medicare Supplement planswill cover you for medical, hospital and several others. Medigap, on the other hand, will cover you for copays and deductibles. There is a standalone prescription drug program that can pay for your medication cost. Use eHealth tools to find Medicare Supplement plansplans in your area. The tool will guide you in choosing the right plan from over 200 Medicare Supplement plansagents.

Health Medicare Supplement plansfor small business

If you are a business owner, you can browse for group health Medicare Supplement plansand discover insurers and coverage. To get a small business health coverage, though, you need to register at least one employee and contribute to employee’s premiums. ACA requires businesses to offer affordable health plans to full-time employees. Failure to do so will mean paying for a tax penalty.

The size and location fo the business can assist in determining the overall cost of a group health plan. The ACA requires that the employee’s health will not affect the rates for the said health plan. Choose to offer your employees with multiple plans. Some of them may opt for out-of-network doctors and dentists. But these plans will involve a higher premium. A cheaper plan may also be accessible but with restrictions.

Group dental health plan

For your small business, you can have several options. Free cleanings and regular checkups are part of the group dental plans. Buying a group dental plan through eHealth entails no extra charge. You can easily compare a wide variety of plans from several insurers.

Group eye care Medicare Supplement plans

It can pay for your eyeglasses, eye exams and other medical care related to your eyes. This type of plan is typically obtained as part fo your regular small business health insurance. As a small business owner, you can purchase a group health Medicare Supplement plansand obtain a tax incentive.

Critical illness Medicare Supplement plans

Regular health coverage will include out-of-pocket expenses. With a critical illness health plan, you will receive a lump sum cash payment to help you pay for the costs related to your serious medical issues. It does not work like a traditional health plan, In this case, it reimburses you for covered claims. It also does not include copays or deductibles.


It is a type of healthcare service that does not require you to visit your doctor’s physical clinic or office to undergo treatment. With telemedicine, you can access a health professional and ask about your health condition. Doctors can easily diagnose patients this way. For that reason, you must purchase a plan via eHealth. Most plans here can cover the overall cost of telemedicine, which is an affordable way to obtain healthcare without having to leave your house. Having a telemedicine plan will lower the overall cost of receiving diagnosis remotely.