Tutorial on the best SEO software

My review of the best SEO software is in the right column.

Look at these professional video tutorials. They show you step by step how easily the tools in their software aids you in finding great keywords to target and do fast analysis of your competition. In addition these videos also hold very valuable information about SEO and internet marketing in general.

Get the free trial if you decide to give it a shot. If you take the trial first instead of buying straight away, they'll give you a USD 52 discount, so your price will only be USD 97 if you decide to buy. I'm confindent you'll be amazed by it aswell.

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Traffic and how to determine keyword relevancy

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How to assess your marketing competition

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For your own sake, please don't shut this down before you've had the trial!

My Review of the best SEO software

My widely used SEO optimization tool to find keywords and optimize title tags and meta description data is an OK beginning, but if you are serious and really want to find and dominate your niches you should definitely check out the best SEO software out there, namely Market Samurai. I personally use this top notch SEO tool for all my keyword research, competition analysis and optimization needs.

Before you go on reading I must warn you: I'm extremely excited about this software, so if it sounds to good to be true (and most things that sound to good to be true are), please give it the benefit of the doubt. Unlike all the crappy shit that is being marketed out there, this is actually the real deal. I'm sure you'll be as excited as I am if you apply it correctly. In fact, I think you'll want to send me an email thanking me for introducing you!

In my opinion this is the best SEO software out there, and a great investment.

About the SEO software

Market Samurai runs on PC as well as Mac, and as I said it is an absolute «must have» if you are serious about your marketing strategy online. I could go on and on about how amazingly great this top of the line SEO tool is, but I'll rather let the videos embedded at the left show you some of the powerful capabilities you can levrage with this fantastic piece of software.

What it will do is to help you find the best keywords to target, quickly analyze the competition for that keyword or phrase and see potential traffic you might get. It has more features too, but those are the main and most important features in my opinion, and it does a great job at them.

This SEO software is a great aid

This is not some automated money making machine which will make you rich in two clicks and a greedy smile. This is a software tool, and you need to apply it correctly if you want to be successful. If you do, you'll find the keywords you should target and hopefully make a lot of money in the process.

Using the SEO software

When you sign up for a trial, you'll get a video sent to your mail every day. These videos show you exactly how to use the software and gives you great tips on search engine optimization in general.

The user interface is super intuitive and easy to understand, and they've created extremely helpful videos with valuable SEO related content. These video tutorials can be found on their website, and I would agrue that the course material alone is worth the full price.

I'm primarely a programmer, not a marketer, but the latter is definately more important if you want to succeed. Coding work can be outsourced. Good internet marketing, however, is hard to outsource as great online marketers are rich and often do their own thing rather than sell their services cheaply to people like us.

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Affiliation with the SEO software

Market Samurai only allow their paying customers to be affiliates. I am an affiliate (I own, use and love the software myself), so I will get paid if you choose to buy. However the price will be the same to you no matter how you buy. I am not biased in any way. I genuinely love their software and think it is great.

Just go to Market Samurai, sign up, download and install their software and watch the video they send you every day until the trial runs out. You will learn so much – just have a look at this example video:

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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Market Samurai, my optimization tool or anything you might be wondering at mr.henrik [\@/] gmail.com